Monday, May 12, 2008

Checking the Hives

Well here's another day in the books for us on taking care of our bees. We couldn't do much all weekend due to the very cold and stormy weather we had, but it wasn't all bad being inside being with both of my sons who are home from college for the summer. Now I got me some helpers, whether they like it or not...or at least I have a couple of photographers that will help me with this blog page. Here we go for for today May 12th, 2008. We started with Hive #1 and then on to Hive #2, trying not to have the hives open for any amount of time, so as not to bother the bees to much by checking the levels of our Top Feeders and then cleaning any mold that had started to grow inside of them. We then re-filled both of the feeders with our 1:1 Sugar/Water mixture and covered the feeders with the Shallow Honey Supers and the Inner Cover and the Telescoping Covers. While we were in the Hives we also checking on the progress of how the honeycomb was coming along, and right now both of the hives are looking really good. It looked like the bees had pretty well covered three to four frames in Hive #1 and had covered at least or close to the same in Hive #2. At least this time while we were in both of the hives we were able to get some nice pictures of the inside of the hives to show how the honeycomb was coming along. After getting all done my oldest son and I just sat around for at least an hour or so just watching both of the hives and playing with the video camera that we had pointed at the hives to see how the bees were coming in and out.

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