Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Filling the Feeders and checking the Hives

Yesterday May 6th, 2008 I had to fill the feeders and decided to check on the Queen in Hive #1, while I was at. She has been set free from her cage. Also while I was removing the Queen cage I noticed at least two of the Frames in the Hive Body are really covered with some really nice looking Honeycomb. While checking the hive I did happen to see a few Drone bees land at the front of the hive. (these are the fattest bees I have ever seen. Their legs barely hit the ramp, they were so fat).
So far the Hives look like they are doing really well. They both seem to have lots of activity in front of, and around each of them. We are still seeing lots of pollen coming into each of the hives.


ilhami uyar said...

I hope you very succesuful and prodactive years.Best regards

Charlie said...

Thank you for your comment and I'm hoping so too.