Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We found our other Queen and got a surprise...

May 21st, 2008...We are moving on up on Hive #1. Hive #2 is not quite as strong as Hive #1, but we have had some unusually cool weather for the month of May too.

Today we checked and filled the feeders in both of the hives, and was going to try and locate the Queen in Hive #1. Being as we had not seen her in the last couple of times that we were in Hive #1, I really needed to locate her today.

What we got today was a couple of really nice surprises. First of all, we did find the Queen in Hive #1. This ended up being quite a chore. We had inspected nine of the ten frames in the hive, and still had not seen anything of the Queen.

Now I was starting to get kind of worried, that we had somehow lost the Queen in Hive #1 and that she was not with us anymore. When we made it to the tenth frame on Hive #1, we found her. There she was, strutting her stuff, like she owned the place or something. Just cruising along taking care of business over the honeycomb.

Now I am really am glad that we went ahead and had our Queens marked. This made it a whole lot easier in finding the Queens in both of our hives. When all you have to do is look for the dot on their back, they are a lot easier to see.

We also received yet another very welcome surprise...The workers have been extremely busy in this hive too. The Hive Body on Hive #1, was almost completely full of frames loaded with Brood, Pollen and Honey. The frames in Hive #1 had at least 80%, if not more of the frames full.

I already had the extra Hive Bodies loaded in the bed of the truck in anticipation of being able to put them on today. We readied only one of the extra Hive Bodies and placed it and the frames onto Hive #1. Hive #2, just is not quite ready for the second Hive Body yet.

Hopefully the weather will change and it will stay warm enough so that Hive #2 gets going as good as Hive #1 is so far. Hive #2 only looked like it had somewhere around 50% or so of the Frames filled. It is still not quite ready yet for the second Hive Body.

It is going to need to get a few more of the frames filled before we are able to add the other Hive Body to it.

Both of the hives are still looking really good and both are still going through the sugar syrup at a pretty good pace too. So far we have had to fill the feeders back up every four days, with each of them being between 1/2 to 3/4 empty.

Well it is just about time to call it a day, so stay tuned, there will certainly Bee more to come in our adventure into the world of Honeybees.

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